10 Easy Hairstyles for Rainy Days

Simple and chic, the slicked-back bun is my go-to for days when I want to look put together without having to dedicate unnecessary time or effort to style my hair. As much as I love a gorgeous twist, lock, or braid, sometimes, hair just needs to be up and out of the way. If possible, start with your hair freshly washed and moisturized. Using the tail of a comb, separate your hair into two large parts. Apply a considerable amount of gel to your tresses, and then guide them back using a boar brush with ample pressure, making sure the hair lays down and can be pulled back into a ponytail holder. 

Here’s the easy part: pulling the remaining curly hair into a quick bun by making sure everything is tucked tidily away. Use hair pins to hold your bun, sliding them into an “X” formation for extra hold. Time for your edges! Use an edge control and styling tool and take extra time to style them as you like. Remember: The key to achieving perfect edges is not rushing the process!

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