11 Best Computer Chairs for Long Hours of Sitting in 2022

Whether you’re working from home, at the office, or decimating noobs on Counter-Strike, it’s very likely you’re using a chair and will be seated for several hours. Sitting correctly with the right posture, distance from the computer, and keyboard height is not enough to keep your body from aching.

Your back is one of the most important parts of the body which is why it needs extra attention, and the ergonomic design of a chair is vital to keeping your spine in the right position.

Any ordinary chair simply doesn’t cut it if you’re sitting for long hours. What you need is a good chair that gives good lumbar support and doesn’t cause serious injury.

Studies have shown that long hours of sitting increase the risk of neck pain, herniated discs, and other back-related problems. For many people in the modern world, a typical day causes us to sit in front of the computer for an average of 5 to 10 hours every day.

Simply put, a comfortable office chair with ergonomic features can spell the difference between a well-supported back and potential long-term injury.


Best Overall

Ergousit Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Runner Up

CLATINA Ergonomic Mesh Executive Chair

Best Budget

BestOffice PC Gaming Chair

Best Overall


Ergousit Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Runner Up


CLATINA Ergonomic Mesh Executive Chair

Best Budget


BestOffice PC Gaming Chair

Best Computer Chair for Long Hours Reviews

Shopping for an ideal computer chair can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve compiled a list of six of the best computer chairs for long hours of sitting. Let’s dive into the first chair on this list:

1. Ergousit Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair – Best Overall Comfortable Computer Chair

With this ergonomic chair, you’ll be able to engage in absolutely anything at your desk. It features a curved design and 3D lumbar support to make sure that your back is always protected.

Great for those who sit extensively, it can help to reduce muscle fatigue. This makes it easier for you to work for extended periods of time without soreness and stiffness.

The chair and 4D armrests are designed to adjust as do the seat height and the tilt of the backrest so you get a customized experience. This is great for those who don’t fit the ‘standard’ for office chair sizing as it lets you retrofit the entire design to fit your needs.

It’s also able to support up to 300 pounds with ease and lets you adjust everything you need from a seated position.

The mesh of the back and the seat mean that the chair itself is fully breathable and improves your air circulation. This can keep you from sweating as well as resisting abrasions. All of this ensures you’re going to be more comfortable sitting in this chair and you’ll be able to continue using it for an extended period because it’s designed to last.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Adjust all settings from a seated position
  • Features swivels and casters for easy movement

  • Not supportive for larger people
  • Headrest is low

2. CLATINA Ergonomic Mesh Executive Chair – The Runner Up

Full adjustability is important in any type of office chair, especially if you’re going to be sitting in it for extended periods of time. This one has an adjustable headrest, armrests, height, and more. Not to mention it swivels smoothly all the way around so you can move wherever you need to go within your office space. And it has plenty of support along the way.

You’ll get ergonomic back support that curves just where it should against the back and waist, improving your posture and also making sure you have less soreness and fatigue.

This keeps pressure and pain away even when working long hours. Not only that but it has a mesh configuration that allows for plenty of circulation throughout the day.

This chair is offered with a 90-day refund and a 5-year limited warranty in case of any problems. It has a sleek and simple design and uses a blast-proof gas lift cylinder to keep it right where you need it.  There’s also a 275-pound weight limit for this chair, which gives you enough space and support for most users.


  • Highly adjustable design
  • Good for taller users
  • Very breathable mesh

  • Rigid seat structure
  • Leans back slightly

3. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair – Best Budget Comfortable Computer Chair

Finding an ideal chair that will fit your budget is a hard find, but with the BestOffice Gaming Chair, your search ends here. This chair is built for comfort and your budget as well.

The ergonomics of this chair are human-oriented designed to allow full mobility in your workspace. Unlike most desk chairs, this chair is wide that provides comfort while keeping your back properly aligned and upright, relieving pain from the long hours of sitting.

The quality of the chair is certified by BIFIMA making it a reliable and long-lasting chair that has a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

This chair not only satisfies the aesthetics but comfort as well. With an adjustable arm and headrest, it provides maximum flexibility to adjust according to your needs. The material of the chair is made of PU leather and breathable mesh that makes this chair durable and it completes the look of your office as well.

To meet varying heights, the chair features a gas spring that allows adjusting the height of the chair.


  • Big pillow for comfortable headrest
  • Heavy-duty metal base
  • Budget-friendly

  • The seat cushion is thin
  • Does not recline

4. Hbada Reclining Office Desk Chair

When it’s time to take a break in the middle of the day you don’t necessarily want to leave your office, and that’s where this desk chair comes in.

You can choose between the white or the black to match the rest of your office space, and then make sure you have plenty of room because this chair doesn’t just sit upright and allow you to type away at your keyboard as a standard chair.

This chair offers lumbar support as well as a seat cushion that gives you added comfort and support. The armrests are also padded as is the footrest that is included.

When you’re working you can slide the footrest under the seat but when you need to take a break or relax for a little while you can slide it out, lean the chair back and you’re ready to rest at up to 150 degrees.

The chair itself has adjustable armrests and headrest so you can get a great fit for your specific comfort level. It also has a mesh back that ensures you get plenty of air circulation no matter how hot it might be in your office.

It’s also able to support up to 300 pounds and can be fully assembled in no time at all. You’ll be ready to start using it for yourself before you know it.


  • Up to 150-degree recline
  • Padded seat and footrest
  • Environmental green foam

  • Headrest does not stay in position
  • Padding is stiff rather than cushioned

5. SMUGDESK Office Chair

Check price

With this office chair, you’ll be able to work and rest whenever you need to. It’s designed to sit completely upright for extended working sessions but you can also recline the seat back when you need a bit of a break.

There’s a footrest that can be slid out from under the chair easily to put your feet up and the upper portion of the chair will lean back.

While using this chair you’ll have an ergonomic design that lets you adjust the headrest as well as providing the right amount of support to your neck, back, and more. This ensures you’re ready to keep on working as long as you want.

Even the armrests are designed to be ergonomic and can be moved to fit the position that you’re sitting in.

The pad under the seat provides you with more cushion and support while the mesh of the back ensures that you get plenty of air circulation throughout the day. It’s great for keeping you cool.

Not only that but you’ll get a 12-month replacement and a 30-day refund so you know you’re getting something that you can count on to last and do what you need it to do.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Reclines with footrest
  • Great for taller users

  • No lumbar support
  • Seat is not cushioned enough

6. MFAVOUR Ergonomic Office Chair

An ergonomic office chair is important for your office or workspace and this one gives you the comfort and simplicity that you want.

It has built-in lumbar support and ensures a good fit for your spine through your back and neck. This helps you stay comfortable for longer sessions at work and reduces the risk of injury as well as stress.

You’ll get a cushioned seat as well as mesh through the back, which ensures plenty of airflows even when your office is warmer than most.

The 3D armrests let you get comfortable and keep your arms in the right position for long sessions of typing. Plus, you can adjust everything from the headrest to the recline to the seat height to make sure it’s a perfect fit for your frame.

The heavy-duty base ensures that the seat is strong and durable and also features casters to make it easy for you to move around your office.

You’ll also get a full 1-year warranty along with your purchase, which lets you know that you can count on this chair to last for a long time. And everything is included to get it put together in no time.


  • Weight limit over 300 lbs.
  • Reclines to 120 degrees
  • Highly adjustable

  • No adjustment to lumbar support
  • Not ideal for long sessions

7. Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

If you are seeking a chair that will be comfortable enough as well as friendly to your pocket, the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair is the one for you. The lumbar support and head pillow are ideal for long-term hours of work or gaming. The adjustable padded armrests and extendable footrest provide a good amount of relief for your elbows and feet.

The 4D adjustability provides any position to suit your comfort. Besides the adjustable arm, you can lower or raise the chair between 90° to 155° and its 360° swivel chair rotation feature gives you a dynamic movement. The chair is built for weight up to 275 pounds which ensures durability.

The material is bonded leather that comes in contrasting colors which gives both a professional look and a sporting one as well.


  • Maximum adjustable features
  • Has both comfort and looks
  • High durability

  • Wobbly armrests
  • Material is unsuitable for hot weather

8. SMUGDESK Office Chair

No products found.

Another great addition to your list would be the SMUGDESK office chair with the right ergonomics for your spine. The high-back design with a high-density cushion allows optimum adjustment lumbar support while reducing pressure on the back and legs.

With an adjustable height up to 43 to 46 inches and a comfortable backrest, the chair offers maximum back support for tall people.

To rock the chair gently back and forth to relax your spine, lift the second lever while seated. For extended comfort, you can easily maneuver the tilt locking tension control of the chair. The 360-degree movement of the wheels allows you to move around while you are seated without damaging the floors.

This chair is made of bonded leather and has a weight capacity of 280 pounds which guarantees durability.


  • Can move the chair without damaging the floor
  • Easy to assemble
  • Soft armrests for comfort

  • Headrest does not adjust forward
  • Hard to assemble

9. Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style

Hard worker or pro gamer, the Hbada Gaming Chair is an ideal one for your long hours of sitting. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, this chair has long-lasting use and does not wear or tear easily.

The material of the chair is made of PU leather which gives a classy look to your office and console area. To ensure great comfort, it has a removable lumbar pillow, headrest, and high-density seat cushion. The backrest is placed high to keep your neck and back properly aligned.

The height of the chair can be adjusted up to 8 cm, which is ideal for tall people. You can also adjust the arms up to 7cm and recline the backrest from 90 to 155 degrees.


  • Extra thick seat cushion
  • Comfortable paddings
  • Adjust armrest up to 7cm

  • High seat edges
  • Not easy to assemble

10. BestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair

If you need to relax while working, the BestOffcie Ergonomic Office Chair is perfect for you. The backrest provides long-lasting comfort by accommodating the curves of your back adjusting to whatever position you are sitting in.

The padding of the backrest and seat cushion is padded well which will improve your posture as well as relieve pain on your spine and legs. The ergonomic armrests are designed to adapt to your natural sitting position, so while you work continuously for hours you can still feel relaxed.

For more comfort, you can adjust the height of the chair up to 23 inches and tilt according to your sitting position with full mobility of 360-degree swivel wheels.

The chair is made of high-quality PU leather which is both oil and water-resistant combining good looks and durability. Certified by the BIFMA, the chair has a weight capacity of 250 pounds ensuring stability and durability.


  • Oil and water-resistant material
  • The backrest mimics the curves of the back
  • Easy to assemble

  • No lumbar pillow
  • Not for short people

11. NEO Office Chair

Add sophistication to your work area with the classy Neo Office Chair covered in fine leather. Not only does the chair add to the aesthetic of the room, but it is also very friendly to your body as well. The Neo Office chair takes comfort to another level with its double-layered cushions which are 30 to 50 percent thicker than any regular seat and its high elasticity pocket-spring seat.

Made of premium faux leather which is soft and friendly to your skin, which ensures long-lasting use. Not only does it look good and feel good, but it is also easy to clean.

You can easily roll around in your workspace with the smooth caster wheels and a heavy-duty base that can take weight up to 300 pounds.

Whether you are sitting for an extended period of time for productivity or leisure, this chair will ensure comfort, durability, and sophistication as well.


  • Strong metal base for heavy-duty
  • Good value for money
  • Double-layered cushions for extra comfort

  • The cushion on armrest not thick enough
  • Not very easy to assemble

Best Ergonomic Computer Chair Buying Guide

Ergonomic office chair

When it comes to buying an ergonomic chair you want to make sure you’re looking at all of the right features. That way you can be sure you’ll end up with a chair that will serve you well, whether you’re gaming, working, or a little bit of everything.


One of the most important factors for your ergonomic chair is whether you can adjust it to fit you. This means being able to adjust not just the height of the chair overall, but also the armrests and where they fit for your body as well as the headrest and possibly the lumbar support.

The more adjustments you can make on your new chair the more ergonomic it’s actually going to be because it’s going to fit you specifically, increasing comfort and support. Just make sure that you get a chair that’s designed for all the adjustments that you may want to make (some have more than others).

Seat Padding

If you’re going to be sitting in your chair for an extended period of time you want to be comfortable and the padding on your seat is going to play a role in that. You need enough padding that you can sit for as long as you need to without feeling sore or cramped when you get up.

Too much padding, however, might mean that you’re not getting as much support as you should, especially for longer periods. Make sure you’re choosing an amount of padding that will help you balance between these two extremes so you can get the job done.


Breathability may be important to you if you’re often working in a warmer environment. Mesh backing or even seats can be a great way to make sure you don’t sweat too much. If the temperature around you is always high you might want this to keep the airflow going while still getting all the support that you need from the back of your chair.

It’s going to help you avoid that sticky feeling when you get far too warm, especially when you still have a lot of hours left to go. You’ll want a mesh that has a modest size to it as too large of gaps could actually make the chair less stable.


Do you want armrests or not? This is something that’s entirely personal preference but you may decide that you don’t actually want armrests on your chair. Or you might want them tilted inward or outward or higher or lower. You might want a specific type of armrest (padded vs. unpadded, for example).

There are a number of ways that the armrests on your chair can change the comfort and the way that you hold your arms, which makes them more or less ergonomic and better (or worse) for your posture as you’re sitting at your desk and trying to work.


One great thing about an office chair is being able to move it around wherever you need it at the time. That might mean moving from one end of your office to another so you can work on separate projects or find items that you need. So, you want something that swivels and has good casters to roll on your floors.

Remember, rolling on hard surface floors is different from carpet (especially thick carpet) so you’ll want to pay attention to where you’re going to be using your chair before you decide on what type of wheels or casters you’re going to need.


A little bit of a tilt is actually good for you and chairs that can recline to approximately 110 degrees are generally best rather than sitting up at exactly 90 degrees all the time. Also, you may want to look at a chair that actually reclines back further so you can relax and take a quick break in between some of your more strenuous work.

Some chairs will let you recline as much as 150 degrees or more, and may even have footrests that allow you to get even more comfortable during those long breaks. This is a personal preference but it’s a good way to get more use out of your chair.

Weight Capacity

Looking at weight capacity or limits is essential to finding a chair that’s going to work for your needs. You want to make sure that you are going to be comfortable and that means making sure there’s plenty of leeway on the weight limit and your weight.

If you’re too close to the upper limit you may not be comfortable in the chair. If you fit closer to the middle of the weight limit, however, you’re likely going to get the best benefits and the most overall comfort. You’ll be able to get the right amount of support all around.

Good Lumbar Support

When we sit for a long time we naturally tend to slouch which has adverse effects on the spine in the long run. The long hours of sitting strain our lower back, especially when there is no support in the lumbar spine.

The lumbar pillow gives support to the inward curve of the back and provides good posture. Most lumbar pillows are adjustable to give proper support to the lower back which may differ from person to person.

Picking a chair with lumbar support that is contoured to match your natural lower back curve would be a wise pick as it will ensure optimum comfort and support for a long period of time. This factor is essential because this feature plays a big role in minimizing strain on your spine.

Width and Depth

Another important factor that you need to consider is to see if the chair is wide and deep enough to sit comfortably for a long time. The ideal distance between the back of your knees and the seat of the chair should be approximately 2 to 4 inches apart.

Things to Do to Reduce Work Fatigue

Bad Posture Office Desk Chair Back Pain

When it comes to working hard you want to make sure you can do whatever it takes to keep yourself going. But you don’t want to burn out. Reducing work fatigue is one way to do exactly that. You’ll be able to get the job done, but still feel your best at the same time.

Use an Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair may not seem super important to some people, but it’s absolutely essential if you want to help improve your health and decrease workplace fatigue. The reason is that you’re going to get the support that your body needs when it needs it.

You’ll get additional support for your back, legs, neck, and more. Plus, you’re going to feel more comfortable. All of that together means that you’re going to have a better ability to get the work done that you need to get done, and you’re going to feel better at the end of the day all because you had a comfortable and supportive place to sit.

Ensure Proper Posture

When it comes to sitting up properly you want to think about your posture. In general, your feet should always be flat on the floor, with your back resting against the back of the seat. You should be able to feel the entire back of the seat from the base of your spine up. You should also have enough space on each side of your hips to keep you comfortable rather than feeling squeezed into the seat.

You also need to have a comfortable position for your head so that it is straight upright so that you can rest it against the headrest of your seat. Also, your arms should be able to rest directly on the armrests with your elbows bent at approximately 90 degrees in order to rest on these armrests comfortably. And you should be able to extend your hands out straight to reach your keyboard. This will all depend on having the right chair as well.

Take Posture Breaks

When it comes to working for extended periods of time it can be difficult to sit in the exact proper position. So, what do you do? The best thing that you can do is schedule periods of time sporadically that will let you reset your posture and positions. This will allow you to focus on how you should be sitting and make sure that at least once an hour you’re sitting in that position.

As you continue to work you may find yourself slouching but you should always be able to bring yourself back into the proper position again during that specific period. This will help you reduce muscle soreness and pain as well as decreasing overall fatigue.

Get Some Stretches In

When you take a posture break you may want to start by getting in a few stretches. Roll your chair back from your desk a little and stretch out your legs. Stretch your arms across your body one after the other. Roll your neck clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Sit up straight and stretch your back tall. These simple stretches are going to help you loosen up your body and get better prepared for the things that you want (or need) to do after your break. Even a couple of minutes of stretching will make a huge difference and you may be surprised how much better you feel with just that simple step.

Improve the Environment

Adding a few plants to increase oxygen or opening windows to increase airflow can be a great option. So can opening the curtains to get increased lighting and especially natural lighting. All of these things will help you feel better and enjoy your office more, which is going to be a big benefit no matter what type of work you’re doing.

If you don’t have a window in your office try to bring in a plant or use lamps that simulate natural lighting, which will give you more of the energy that you need for the day.

How to Sit Properly in Your Chair

Correct And Wrong Sitting Posture

When it comes to staying comfortable and achieving all of the things you want in a given day, sitting properly may not be one of the first things you think about. But the right posture and sitting in the right way will most definitely make a difference in your life. It includes several important factors that we will discuss further here.

Sit up Straight

The most important thing is to make sure that you sit up straight before you get your chair situated. If you don’t sit up straight you could adjust your chair to fit but then find that it’s not actually where it should be and have to start over.

So, instead, make sure that you start by sitting upright. Put your feet flat on the floor and your back against the backrest. You may find that the chair is too tall or too short or that the lumbar support or headrest is not right at this point but you won’t be able to adjust it properly without first being in the right position.

Adjust Your Chair Height

The next step is to adjust the height of the chair. Put your feet flat on the floor and raise the chair until your feet stay flat but your legs form a straight line from ankle to knee.

Or, lower the chair until you can set your feet flat on the floor and have a straight line from your ankle to your knee. This will ensure that you are sitting up completely straight and you are creating a solid foundation that will help you to adjust the rest of the configuration.

Adjust the Angle of Recline

The angle of recline is going to be up to you, but keep in mind that it’s generally best to be around 110 degrees of angle rather than a straight 90 degrees. For some, however, sitting upright is more comfortable and others may prefer a slightly larger recline.

Remember, you need to be able to see your computer easily and to reach out easily to type on your keyboard. Reclining too much could mean that your head is at an awkward angle to see or doesn’t have the right support from the headrest.

Have Proper Support for Your Back and Head

The headrest is another part you need to adjust to make sure that it is in the right position. You should be able to sit up straight with your head up and facing forward. Adjust the headrest so that it provides the right level of support directly behind your head so you can keep it in this comfortable position.

You don’t want your head scrunched down too close to your neck or stretched too far. Instead, make sure that it feels comfortable to hold your head in that position and that the headrest helps you to do it.

Comfortable Computer Chair FAQS

It is essential to check out the features, pros and cons, and reviews of a product before you go ahead and purchase them. Frequently asked questions may give you more insight into what you want to know which is why we have compiled a list of common queries about the product.

How Can You Make Your Computer Chair More Comfortable?

A chair does not come custom-made according to your body variations which is why they come with height and tilt adjustments. Check the height of your table and accordingly align the height of your chair to maintain the proper position for typing for a long time.

Most computer chairs come with adjustable arms but for those that don’t have this feature, you should avoid putting much pressure on the armrests.

How Long Should You Sit in a Computer Chair?

Studies have shown that if you sit continuously for more than 30 minutes your metabolism slows down and the muscles in your lower body are strained

Sitting for an extended period of time without taking a break can have adverse effects on your neck and spine. It is recommended to stand or walk around every 15 to 30 minutes when you are sitting for long hours as this will improve blood flow.

Find the Best Comfortable Chair That’s Right for You

Finding the right pick from the list of best computer chairs for long hours may now seem easier. However, before you put your foot down to select the one compare the prices, the pros and cons, and most importantly the comfort that each product offers.

While it is evidently important to check the features, material, looks, and budget, it is also equally important to go for the one that gives you the best support. After all, your back needs the best to keep you up for the long haul.

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