6 Best L-Shaped Desks for Gaming in 2022

A lot has changed ever since Space Invaders hit the arcade back in the late ’70s when gaming was practically a past-time and did not require much aid other than a bunch of coins. Today, it has evolved into a productive profession with gaming desks sharing the importance of contributing to good gameplay as high-resolution textures and frame rates do.

With that said, are you looking to invest in a good gaming desk? If yes, check out these gaming desk reviews where you can find the best L-shaped desk. For every gamer out there, whether an amateur or a pro, the right desk awaits and with this review, you can find it.

Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk, Computer Corner Desk, Home Gaming Desk, Office Writing Workstation with…

L Shaped Gaming Desk, Home Office Desk with Round Corner, Computer Desk with Large Monitor Stand…

GreenForest L Shaped Gaming Desk 58.1 inch Home Corner Office Desk Writing Studying Computer Table…

Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Desk with Hutch in Harvest Cherry

Best Overall

Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk, Computer Corner Desk, Home Gaming Desk, Office Writing Workstation with…

Runner Up

L Shaped Gaming Desk, Home Office Desk with Round Corner, Computer Desk with Large Monitor Stand…

Best Budget

GreenForest L Shaped Gaming Desk 58.1 inch Home Corner Office Desk Writing Studying Computer Table…

Best with Hutch

Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Desk with Hutch in Harvest Cherry

Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk Reviews

So many keyboards yet so little time. Thankfully, our top 6 picks for the best L-shaped desk are in. Prepare to meet your destiny!

1. Mr. Ironstone Gaming Workstation – Best Overall L-Shaped Gaming Desk

A modern desk for every modern gamer, the minimalistic shape of the L design maximizes limited spaces by easily fitting into a corner. But it doesn’t only fit well, it holds up pretty well too with the board and metal frame constructed from quality steel and powdered coating.

The smooth deck surface facilitates up to 3 monitors with the attachable shelf along with other devices like a keyboard and even a PlayStation. The best part? You don’t need to worry over accessories like a mouse pad and others skidding off, thanks to its textured surface.

Both sides of the desk carry the same length, so you can switch back and forth quite easily. Now, it offers a decent height along with an adjustable foot, which is useful for proper stabilization on the uneven floor. Yes, it is a gaming desk but you’re free to read, write, and possibly even nap.

The Ironstone gaming desk has a lot to like and very little to dislike. It’s got a great design, it’s versatile and there are plenty of other reasons as to why it earns the ‘best overall’ mantle on the list. Don’t believe it? Get it and see for yourself.


  • Solid and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality material

  • Moderate sizing
  • Surface gets smudges easily

See This Desk in Action!

2. Casaottima Computer Desk – The Runner Up

A comfort factor often overlooked in desks is proper legroom. Fortunately, the Casaottima computer desk sends a clear message in combining comfort with functionality. It comes with a spacious dimension and structure, constructed using a combination of MDF wood and metal frames.

The desk also provides extra metal brackets, which is a plus factor for the not-so-calm gamers. Another convenient factor is the dismountable monitor shelf that can be mounted on either side. You can use the shelf to stack your Fifa collection or place a third monitor according to your wish.

Yes, you’ll get a spacious fiberboard surface but that’s kind of expected, so what else? Well, you get the waterproof and anti-scratch feature. No more late-night Red Bull spills or better yet, no more cat scratches (assuming you do have one).

Additionally, an adjustable leveling stud is provided for stabilizing the desk. Now, it does lack in certain areas like solid sturdiness but makes up for it with convenience and versatility. Bottom line is, no product exists without a flaw, and so, it’s certainly worth the shot.


  • Lightweight
  • Spacious legroom
  • Anti-scratch and waterproof

  • Cable management system not provided
  • Limited accessory holder

3. GreenForest Computer Gaming Desk – Best Budget L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Made from eco-friendly particle board, the Greenforest workstation is a solid (literally) alternative for gaming sustainably and efficiently. With the design aesthetic, we can see how the all-black color scheme adds a professional depth, making it perfect for not just gaming but office use as well.

The smooth surface may seem all for appearance but that’s not all. It comes fully equipped with the scratch-resistant and moisture-proof feature that makes the board 10x times more resilient and durable for everyday use.

Although it lacks accessory holders, there’s plenty of desk area to support up to two monitors, Xbox or PlayStation, and various accessories like keyboard, speakers, and even books. Overall, the board is supported by edgy architectural legs with height adjusting foot cups.

The final assembly is quite easy as all the necessary tools come included in the package. Plus, cleaning is just as easy. It’s got the aesthetic, it’s got functionality, it’s highly adaptable and you can purchase it without denting your pocket.


  • Plenty of space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Value for money

  • Prone to fingerprints
  • Wobbles with heavy set-up

4. Bush Furniture L-Shaped Desk – Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk with Hutch

Our next contender is a true embodiment of ‘play smart, look classy.’ This fusion of a desk is constructed from sustainable wood material and it is available in 6 different finishes. It provides a large working surface along with a hutch mount for extra convenience.

Desk storage includes a selection of enclosed cabinet with a glass door, a box drawer to store supplies, and a sliding file drawer. On top of the desk, the reversible hutch mount provides two open compartments with four process areas.

Now, when we say ‘play smart’, we mean the in-built USB port hub that’s featured on the desk. You also get a soft tray for keeping all your electronic devices. Thanks to its wire management system, you can now manage and control cables properly.

Given, the structural built and design of the desk, you’ll have to break some sweats during assembly. But all will be forgotten once you start using this convenient and smart piece of a desk. Who knows, maybe it will even help you earn a new Fortnite skin.


  • Includes wire management system
  • Sustainable
  • Features integrated USB hub

  • Hutch not ideal for large monitors
  • Assembly takes time

5. SZXKT Home Gaming Desk

If you want a desk that’s easy on the budget without flashy features, this is a great pick. The SZXKT gaming desk is constructed from a combination of solid heavy-duty wood and metal. It has a simple design and works well in any home or office environment.

Assignment or gaming? Why argue over the two when you can do both. This desk is sturdy and large enough without overpowering small spaces, which is a plus point for all kinds of gamers, especially those in college.

The desk surface has a large, easy to clean area where you can easily create two separate working stations. Below the surface is the independent CPU bracket that can be decorated according to your preference.

The desk assembly is relatively simple and easy with tools and instructions included with the package. The SZXKT may not be the most elegant desk visually but it knows how to function and serve elegantly. And in the end, that’s the most important bit a desk can do.


  • Plenty of space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Value for money

  • Prone to fingerprints
  • Wobbles with heavy set-up

6. Coleshome Gaming Desk Workstation

The last one on the list but not the least is the Coleshome gaming workstation that puts the cherry on the cake (or list). It features a material composition of engineered wood and metal along with a selection of 4 finishes.

The surface deck is large enough to hold multiple monitors (up to 3), meaning you can store just as many documents and books if you’re planning to ditch gaming. The wooden MDF constructed desktop is also completely waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Sure, it’s no standing desk but this L-shaped workstation can provide a decent height with spacious legroom and adjustable leg pads. The overall structure is ensured with a heavy-duty steel frame and diagonal braces for increased stability.

The desk can carry up to 400 lbs which is enough to hold some serious gaming setups as most tech accessories are pretty lightweight these days. So, unless you’re planning on installing a minifridge on top, you’re good to go.


  • Large holding capacity
  • Water-proof and scratch-resistant
  • Compact

  • Lack of accessory holders
  • A little heavy

L-Shaped Desk Buying Guide

Certain gaming desk traits influence its performance either for better or worse, so, here are some features to consider before making a purchase.

Desk Material

Your desk will undoubtedly contribute to your room décor, so, you’ll want it to fit well. Gaming desks are made available in several materials including glass, wood, carbon fiber, and more. Start by deciding on the kind of color and texture scheme you want for your deck.

Aside from that, remember that desks can be big and whether or not you have plenty of room in the house, you’ll eventually deal with carrying and moving the desk in. Hence, a desk of lightweight composure and material will be highly beneficial.

Desk Storage

The design aesthetic is important but don’t let that overshadow the actual functionality of the desk. It’s crucial to consider the storage space a desk has to offer. On the surface, it can hold pretty much all the basic gaming equipment including monitor, keyboard, etc.

But where would other equipment like that extra console go? Tangled cables are pretty common, so, does the desk offer a cable management system? Ask yourself these questions and consider desks that can offer sufficient drawer space to hold all your desired gaming equipment.

Desk Assembly

Between clicking on purchase and playing your first game on a new desk, there’s the entire process of assembling the desk. After all, the reality is a lot more different than a Sims gameplay, and let’s just say the process may not be as pleasing.

While it comes easily for certain gamers, it may not be the case for others, especially if you’re constructing it alone. To make things easier, do a proper inspection before sealing the deal on your desk. This will offer you an insight into the weight composure of the desk and whether it has complicated parts or not.

L-Shaped Desk FAQs

As gaming garners more coverage, so does the questions regarding its accessories. Here’s a taste of some of the frequently visited questions regarding L-shaped gaming desks.

How are L-Shaped Desks Measured?

Start by dividing the desk into a pair of rectangles. Measure and record both the larger and smaller rectangle with a measuring tape. Next, measure the width (or depth), multiply it separately by both the longer and smaller length to get their respective areas. Add the two areas and you’ll get the total surface area.

Finally, measure the height by sliding the measuring tape straight onto the ground from the edge. If the unit happens to have cabinets or shelves on top, measure their height as well and add it to the height of the desk to get the total height of the entire unit.

How to Properly Assemble an L-Shaped Desk?

Set-ups can be tricky as each L-shaped desk may be slightly or completely different from the other despite having similar design and shape. And so, the first solution on how to assemble an L-shaped desk would be to read and follow its respective manual guide.

A common process included in most L-shaped desks assembly is unloading the contents from the package, hammering in all the screws for the base, and aligning the tabs. After the base is assembled, support metal bars are screwed in, and finally, the top desk surface is bolted onto the base.

Can a Keyboard Tray Work on an L-Shaped Desk?

Although this factor largely depends on the functionality and design of the desk itself, yes, keyboard trays do work on L-shaped desks. It may not work on all as certain L-shaped desks may not come with a keyboard tray. But there are plenty of others that offer this feature.

It even comes in different styles with some that offer a permanently fixed keyboard tray while some offer a more customizable and flexible option. For instance, keyboard trays that are easily attached under the desk slides, generally, these are considered as the more comfortable pick.

Find the Best L-Shaped Desk That’s Right for You

Today, both offline and online markets are flooded with a myriad of high-graphic games that demand a proper workstation, especially considering how it can enhance the gaming experience. Hence, gaming desks become a necessity rather than an accessory.

Before you begin to navigate the realm of gaming desks, make sure to read valuable information regarding the product. With the proper traits in mind, you’ll have a better chance of purchasing a suitable desk. Good luck with finding your pick!

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