8 month old female Cross-Breed available for adoption

Donna is an 8 month old female Cross-Breed. She is an active and playful puppy girl. She is neutered and medium size.

She is around 55 cm/16 kilos and either already reached her adult size, or almost reached it. She is located in the Manchester area. She is house-trained and Lead trained.

She is currently at a foster home and this is what they say after having her for 3 days: “She coming out of her shell and is the most playful little thing!

We’ve taught her to sit since she’s been here and now we’re working on “paw”. She’s so young and responsive and eager to please, she’s fully house-trained and hasn’t had one accident and she’s also learning how to be best friends with a cat.

This little lady is going o make such a good family addition for someone”. Her previous family was struggling to give DONNA enough time due to an intensive work schedule.

One of partners worked from home until recently, but is now required to be in the office daily. So now they were facing difficulties with meeting her needs and coping with her activity.

They have another senior dog. The older dog is still playful sometimes, but gets quickly tired of her.

According to DONNA’s family words she is a beautiful puppy, a fountain of positive energy. She is a happy, cheerful and playful girl. DONNA is friendly to everyone. She loves cuddles, very communicative and human oriented.

Same time can wary unknown people especially man. Could be timid an a bit scared in new place for couple of hours or 1-2 days, so would need space and short time to decompress.

DONNA will perfectly suit an active family, preferably with a good size secure garden (DONNA loves to spend a lot of time in the garden).

She can be a great companion for those who love walks and adventures. Family should be ready for a puppy with all standard outcomes: lots of play, possible chewing (especially shoes), DONNA will benefit from continued training to turn a puppy to a perfect family pet.

We will be happy to provide useful tips for settlement and training. She is frindly with kids, but not suitable for too young kids and very playful, can be jumpy and mouthy when play, so ideally 8-10+ years kids who understand young dogs and their playful manners. DONNA is healthy. Neutered. Microchipped.

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