Offshore Electronics buys a 95,000 part/hour pick-and-place machine

“Fastest in its class at 95,000 component placements per hour, the YSM20R will allow the company to ship a greater number of boards to its OEMs each day,” according to the company. “Over the course of a month, this investment will effectively double the number of parts placed, rising from two million to four million.”

The machine has has a wide-scan camera and has been developed to handle a wide range of components without the need for head replacement: it can mount devices from 0.2 x 0.1mm up to 12 x 12mm.

“Alongside this investment, Offshore Electronics has added the Yamaha YSM10 mounter and Heller 1707 MKiii reflow oven to its production line,” it said. “Together these three units replace the older Philips Topaz placement machine, a Blundell forced air reflow soldering unit and a Philips Emerald placement machine.”

“The new machines will also make the company more flexible by sharing programs for different products,” added Offshore. “This in turn will make it easier for operators to move between different assemblies and train up new members of staff. Perhaps most important of all, the new lines will make it more attractive for OEMs to place high-volume orders with Offshore, with throughput times much lower than before.”

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