Rohm, Mazda and Imasen hook up on e-Axle

e-Axles integrate a motor, reduction gearbox, and inverter into a single unit that plays a large part in determining the driving performance and power conversion efficiency of electric vehicles. SiC MOSFETs in particular are expected to improve efficiency.

ROHM will carry out joint inverter development for e-Axle by participating in a ‘cooperative framework for the electric drive units development and production’ with Imasen and Mazda.

ROHM will contribute electrical units by developing and supplying advanced SiC power modules that provide improved performance.

Through this collaboration, ROHM will develop  SiC MOSFETs and modules by working backwards from the finished vehicle to understand the performance and optimal drive method required of power semiconductors.

Besides creating new value through mutual understanding between car and device manufacturers, the three companies will support technical innovation in the automotive field. .

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