The 62 Best Beauty Products We Used to the Last Drop in 2022

As editors who essentially have a revolving door of products at their fingertips, we can love something a lot—like, a lot—and still never make it down to the last drop. (After all, there’s always something new and exciting sliding across our desks to serve as the ultimate distraction.) Therefore, when we do find ourselves scraping every last particle out of a jar, tub, or tincture, it’s a pretty dang big deal. So big, in fact, it served as the inspiration behind this story which we ideated at the very beginning of 2022. 

Starting in January, I asked my fellow beauty-loving editors to hang onto any and every product they used in its entirety so that by December, (and wow, here we are!) we could report which formulas were *the* most near and dear to us. Sixty-two MVP products later, we’ve arrived at our finale. Keep scrolling for a whopping roundup of some of the best beauty products of 2022, and let our squeezed and well-loved empties (plus some gushing odes) serve as proof.

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