The Best Black Friday Fashion Deals for Gen-Z

Over the years I’ve learned to think smarter (and harder) about shopping during Black Friday. I remember digging through sale bins at Forever21 at 1 AM after Thanksgiving, and to be honest, while it gave me a rush, I never ended up getting much wear out of the “deals” I was so ecstatic about. Now, I take a more strategic approach. I take note of all the proposed discounts, go through my already existing shopping wishlist, and of course, take recommendations from my fellow editors. And since studying the proposed sales isn’t your job like it is mine, you can sit back and use my research to help upgrade your shopping experience today. To ensure this, I went through the best sales of the season to bring the 30 buys you don’t want to miss out on. They’re fashion editor (and Gen Z) approved, so I promise there is nothing but cool and standout picks ahead.

Keep scrolling to find something you’ll actually end up wearing. Here’s to full carts and full hearts. Happy shopping!

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